Institute of Electric Mobility and Energy Storage Systems

Design and Operation of Magnetically Levitatated Systems

Lecture Content

Electromagnetic storage systems have long been the subject of research and development. Known to a broad public is the Transrapid transport project, which is based on the principle of electromagnetic levitation. However, contactless rotating and linear bearings are also becoming increasingly popular in industry because they work wear-free and can operate without lubricants or other chemical operating fluids. This lecture provides an overview of existing and potential application areas as well as basics for the design, regulation and power supply of non-contact mobile systems.

  • Applications of magnetic levitation technology
  • Principles of electromagnetic levitation
  • Types and design of magnetic actuators
  • Power electronics for magnetic levitation technology
  • Control of the magnetic levitation system
    • Different control strategies
    • State Space
    • Acquisition of state variables / sensor technology
    • Regulation
  • Power supply of contactless systems
    • Linear generator
    • Inductive energy transfer
    • Design of transmission links
    • Compensation and power electronics for inductive energy transfer

Further Information

Degree Programs: Master Electrical Engineering,
Master Industrial Engineering Energy Management
Scope: 5 SWS, 6 LP
Turnus: Winter semester
Start: 16.10.2023
Time and Place: Mondays, 10.00 - 12.00 a.m.
Room FG.01.01
Seminar: upon consultation in the lecture
Lecturer: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Schmülling
Exam: Oral
Enrollment Requirement: Knowledge of the fundamentals of electrical engineering


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