Institute of Electric Mobility and Energy Storage Systems

Project duration:
May 2017 - April 2019

- University of Wuppertal
  (Chair EES)

Zentrales Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand (ZIM, BMWi)


As part of the research project, the German company CARSIG GmbH and the Chair of Electromobility and Energy Storage Systems at the University of Wuppertal have developed a wireless system for static and dynamic monitoring of vehicle conditions by using high-precision tire pressure measurements. The focus was on the monitoring of vehicle inclination, vehicle load, and vibration etc.

The advantages of the developed system are based on the precise measurement of the vehicle load and vehicle inclination and on the modular design. The latter feature allows e.g. simple retrofitting and integration into the vehicle, respectively. In addition, the modular design makes the later implementation of further functions, like an additional anti-theft device or communication with connected smartphones or tablets, feasible.

In addition, the developed system can be used to automatically determine the weight of the load of special and commercial vehicles. Hence, a time-consuming weighing process can be avoided and the driver is informed in real time whether the vehicle (e.g. truck) is within the maximum permissible load. Moreover, the system is able to detect the vehicle's inclination. Thus, this system can be applied for retrofitting systems for headlamp leveling of vintage cars or caravans.

Fig. 1: Prototype of the tire unit including the developed housing (3D printing)

Fig. 2: Prototype for tilt detection and headlamp. 1. Developed housing; 2. Developed circuit board; 3. Interface solution for integration into the Mitsubishi i-MiEV.

Fig. 3: Developed GUI for displaying the measurement results

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